Just watched BE3 for the third time and I’m still feeling all kinds of emotions; from giddiness to “Okay,
great, NEXT”! In the following paragraphs, I will be sharing those reactions with you.

Rage 2: It Cannot Be Contained

First up we have Rage 2 which, as we all know, was leaked by WalMart Canada. Lets all join Pete
Hines in congratulating them on honoring non disclosure clauses so well. I’ll be honest, it was not very
high in my interest until I saw the trailer and gameplay and now I’m mostly sold on it. Fast-paced, first
person, and sarcastic one-liners, well, sign me up. The means used to dispatch your enemies look like just as
much fun as the first game. Spring 2019, get your Rage2 on. Seriously, getting called a cheater by a
random ganger as he spins around in the air just before exploding in a gory mess, Hells yeah.

If you’re into The Elder Scrolls, you’ll like this: following on the tail of the Summerset expansion, a new dungeon DLC
based around werewolves called Wolf Hunter. Then later this year another story DLC called Mirkmire
set in Blackmarsh dealing with the Argonian lore. Apparently it’s the Year of the Tail. Elves have
tails also, two of them – one on each side of their head! Coincidentally, ESO was added to Xbox Game Pass,
might be time to go back to Tamriel.

Elder Scrolls: Legends

In our second trailer, we have Elder Scrolls Legends, for those who don’t know: its actually a digital card game with updated
everything, new visuals, etc. If you ever wanted to mix The Elder Scrolls with Magic: The Crackening
then this is for you. It will also be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and the Switch later this year. And if you
already have it on PC, mobile, or tablet, your progress is carried over by your Bethesda.net account to
the new platforms.

DOOM Eternal: The Demonic Invasion Continues

Next up we have DOOM, DA-DOOM, DOOM, DOOM! Wait, wrong franchise. Well, its still
DOOM but now its got the subtitle of Eternal, the follow up to the first game new DOOM series, and
the teaser looks intense. The studio promises a ‘more powerful’ Doomslayer, twice as many demons to
blow into chunks, and well, Hell on Earth. It’ll be debuting this August at QuakeCon in Dallas.

Quake Champions: Coming to QuakeCon in August

Speaking of Quake, we now move onto Quake Champions. The trailer was exciting, with lots of running
and gunning, pretty much standard PvP fare. As one of the original, if not -the- original, E-Sports their
plans to expand upon the competitions and tournaments almost seems a foregone conclusion. It is
worth noting that the week of June 10 – 17 they opened up a trial of the free to play version of Quake Champions before launch,
which you get to keep after the trial closes. Visit the Quake Champions homepage for more info or to sign up before it’s gone.

Prey: Additional Play Modes and DLC Released

Going from being the hunter to the Prey there will be three new modes of play by the time you are
reading this they are Story, New Game+, and Survival. Just load up your game and it will update with
all the new modes. We are also getting an ‘infinitely replayable” DLC for Prey by the name of Moon
Crash, with every time you play it events, enemies, and even loot is different. And, most importantly,
death matters. Sounds like a blast to play. Later this summer will see the launch of Typhon Hunter,
where you and five others play as either the Prey or a mimic for a sci-fi version of tag, just with the person
who is ‘it’ trying to avoid everyone else.

Those who like their games in VR are getting a bit of love as well, Prey: Typhon Hunter will have a
VR feature for the competitive mode as well as a single-player experience where you are an employee
on the Talos 1 station. There will also be a Wolfenstein game called Cyberpilot where you play a hacker
able to take control of Nazi war machines and use them to fight the Nazis.

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Jumping back to Earth, and the 1980s, we have Wolfenstein: Youngblood. Its the story of the twin
daughters of BJ Blazkowicz as they battle Nazi scum in Paris. As the story focuses on both daughters
the game will feature co-op play, but you can play solo if you choose. Coming in 2019 grab a friend
and prepare to kick some Nazi ass twice as hard as before. Oh, before I move on, Wolfenstein 2: The
New Colossus will be available on Nintendo Switch June 29th.

Fallout 76: Nuke The Neighbors

And now the big one, Fallout 76. Set in West Virginia in the year 2102, it is a mere 25 years after the
bombs dropped and you are released out into the world from Vault 76 to begin rebuilding. Entirely
online, multiplayer, base building, and you get to (maybe, got to find the code first) launch nukes at
settlements. I am cautiously optimistic after the reveal. Am I going to get it? Yes. Am I going to get the Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition? Unequivocally, yes.

I want that helmet. I could go on for pages just about this one.

Bethesda’s E3 Odds n’ Ends

Winding down we go back to the Elder Scrolls with a mobile game called Blades. Not going to lie, I
need a good time killer when I’m out and about. With three modes of play, it should keep you busy for a
while. The first mode is called the Abyss, described as an endless dungeon, the Arena for PvP action,
and the main mode, Town. The town is where all your questing happens, you are also in charge of building it
up so it also has settlement mode. It’ll be available on every platform they can fit it, so check Alexa,
and it will be free to play. Launches this fall. Oh, and you can play in portrait mode during those long,
boring meetings or family obligations and reduce the risk of getting caught doing it.

And in an unusual twist from Todd Howard, not only did he confirm that they are working on a
brand new IP franchise but also named it. Yes, the sci-fi game Starfield is real and will be available
sometime in the next generation console cycle. The teaser was short and pretty much just made us want
more. But that wasn’t the one that ended the evening, no that one was a simple video of a rolling
landscape with a castle in the distance, sand beach epic music and those three little words people have
been waiting years to hear…
Elder Scrolls VI.