Today I was sorting through the next adventure for my tabletop group, and just like many other fellow gamers, I scour my devices and books to look for the next big adventure. Well, today it brought me to I am always a supporter of new adventures made by other gamers. Today, I found one of those great adventure deals. I came across a system that reminds me of the old school Dungeons and Dragons, and I mean old school. Not 3.5, not 5th edition, the type of old school that makes me feel older beyond my years.

Dark Dungeons by Gurbintroll Games. It maybe just a simple PDF to you; to me, it is a delightful masterpiece, right down to the font that was chosen. Some will complain about how the artwork is faded or the text is hard to read. But give it a chance. I absolutely love how this book takes me back to the old world of Dungeons and Dragons. For anyone who has read, owned, or played Advanced Dungeons and Dragons or leafed through old issues of Dragon Magazine, this will remind you of those days, just without the musty smell. On top of that, they wrote about something called “retro-clone,” the definition of which is intriguing and kind of fun to learn about.

Congrats, Gurbintroll Games! This game is so simple, quick and easy. Even the newest gamer could pick this up, play it and even run an adventure of their own. Dice are the same as it would be for D&D. Stats are even the same, so no confusion there. Having an extra boost to your experience bonus is nice too! Dungeon crawls, monsters, random encounters, and, of course, the treasure. I found it kind of awesome, but it could be because I am a Halfling fan already. In this game, Halflings get a +1 to initiative. Yay!

This is well worth a buy; it is a 345 PDF that will not let you down, new and old gamers alike. Just adjust those peepers for the old school font.

Go get it on DriveThruRPG!

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