From the moment I saw the trailer for Fallout 4’s Nuka World DLC I knew I’d be playing it. The catchy song, the cutesy mascots, and the chance to become a raider leader were very compelling. But like everyone else I had to wait until it was released and, like all highly anticipated things, the wait was agonizing. When release day came, the download took forever (not really, but I was impatient) before I could play. After the download completed I finally began playing the new Fallout 4 content I had waited for.

Nuka-world-wasteland-viewLike many other DLCs, it starts with a radio transmission on your Pip-Boy; tune in, get quest, head to the location. Pretty formulaic in that regard, but effective nonetheless. Upon arrival at the Nuka transit center, its worth noting that like Far Harbor you travel outside the regular map zone to get to the quest location. There, you’ll encounter a squad of the mercenary Gunners. After you defeat them you’ll find some info on the leader’s corpse.

Head into the transit building and you’ll meet a man named Harvey who begs you to go to Nuka World and rescue his family. After a successful speech challenge gets you more info, board the train and enjoy the view while you can. Arriving at Nuka World you find out that not only was it a trap, but you’re now part of a very lethal game in which you must fight your way through a gauntlet of traps, hazards, violent psychopaths, all while being harangued by a sadistic announcer. Along the way you’ll find the remains of previous “contestants”.

At the end of the gauntlet you’ll finally get a chance to deal with the announcer, who is apparently a raider boss named Colter. As you prepare for the fight with him, another raider name Gage contacts you via the intercom and gives you the means to beat the Over boss. Defeating him seems to cause a bit of a controversy with the rest of the raiders, you finally meet up with Cage who informs you that since you killed the former over boss, you are now the new one. He takes you to your new digs, invites you to have a look around your new kingdom and meet with the leaders of the three raider gangs that have dominion over Nuka World. He also becomes available as a companion.


Now if the title over boss seems very reminiscent of another title you get in the Commonwealth, cough General cough, it is. However, this time you can actually command your troops… sort of. After completing a multitude of quests to take the park from the various indigenous creatures, you’re also given a quest by one of the Traders. They’ll ask you to kill the leaders of the three gangs, freeing Nuka World; its worth noting that this quest can be done at any point in your travels of Nuka World and that doing so will turn Cage hostile even if he is currently acting as your companion.


meet-the-raider-leadershipMeeting the leaders of the gangs introduces you to Mags & William Black of the Operators, Nisha of the Disciples, and Mason of the Pack. Each of them will give you quests to earn their respect; these include kidnapping people in the Commonwealth, and helping raider foraging groups against the Minutemen, Institute, and Brotherhood. The Operators are similar to the Gunners in how they work, money talks and bullets fly. The Disciples are a bunch of bloodthirsty maniacs who rather enjoy murder. And then we have the Pack, a combination of animal loving furries, Mardi Gras enthusiasts, and Joker henchmen wannabes. It’s also worth mentioning Raider Radio. As you might expect, it is equal parts amusing and annoying.

The radio station’s DJ praises your accomplishments and plays a few songs of his own writing, according to him anyway. He bolts if you start killing the gangs. Joining the Raiders means launching raids against the settlements of the Commonwealth, possibly the very ones you help setup, though you do have the option of talking the settlers into leaving first. If you’re into that kind of thing.


glowing-one-in-sightsActually, you’ll most likely end up raiding the ones you spent a while setting up, building defenses for and what not. Think of this as your chance to really test your fort building skills. Siding with the Traders means the whole thing just drops off kind of suddenly; the workbench becomes available immediately but there are no follow-up quests for the Traders. I can’t help but wonder why it only gives you a single workbench that is located at a Red Rocket gas station and not in any of the actual parks or Nuka Town.

Overall the Nuka World expansion is good, however, it leaves me feeling as if the story is unfinished. I look forward to Fallout 5; hopefully it doesn’t take them seven years to make it.

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