It’s been a little over two months since the release of Fallout 76, and the usual camps have been established either to love or hate it in online threads. Personally, I’ve been enthralled by the game and when I finally get to tuck in for a session, the hours slip by like minutes. I love this game, and I’m not afraid to write about it.

Of course I hear plenty of grumbles.

People complain that it’s glitchy or that the social features don’t function properly. Some folks say that it’s such a burden on their computers, that they can’t enjoy the graphics at full quality. Others cross their arms and swear they’ll never even try it, because they don’t want to get camped or griefed by other players in the newly multiplayer wasteland. To all of them, I shrug my shoulder and smile.

Yes, there are glitches – it’s a big change for the franchise, and Bethesda has been transparent and responsive throughout. I’ve seen plenty of comment threads on Twitter, subreddits for Fallout 76, and in the Bethesda forums with responses. It’s part of any new MMORPG release.

The glitches I’ve run into so far have ranged from moderately annoying to comedic – for example, the social functions were touch-and-go for a while. We had trouble inviting someone to the group, or seeing an invite, but that seems to have been resolved sometime in the last two patches.

Currently, my biggest concern is this oddball issue with power armor. I’m wearing it, but my group member sees me as being in my underwear with my arms and legs all stretched out as if to fit into the invisible excavator suit I’m actually wearing.

I’m wearing power armor, I swear!

Many thanks to my fellow Fallout 76 enthusiast and master builder, LilNidas for taking these screenshots. In my article on Camp Building in the Wastland, keep an eye out for more of his handiwork.

To be fair, this game looks AMAZING at full quality – and if you want to enjoy that, you’re probably going to need to do some tweaking or fully upgrade your equipment. That’s also not a hurdle that would prevent me from trying a game that I have wished for the existance of since my love affairs with Fallout 3 & Fallout 4.

To the people who can’t get over the game being PVP – I would urge you to try it before you believe all the conjecture online. Yes, the game is PVP and that means other players can kill you – but there are several factors that make this a non-issue for me altogether:

Pacifist Mode: you can essentially turn off friendly fire, so that your bullets don’t harm anyone. Granted, if another player turns on you with their handmade and unloads a clip of 5.56 ammo into your face… you’ll be dead. But they’ll be flagged as WANTED on the map for all to see. In the two months I’ve been playing, I’ve only been killed by a PC twice, and both times I had fired first (without pacifist mode on).

Scarcity: Honestly, I spend a lot of the game alone – just like I did in Fallout 3 and 4, and New Vegas. There just isn’t that high of a population on any of the servers I’ve played on so far. Reports before release were that there would be 24-32 people per server, and they’d all be marked on your map. When I do see people in game, I have my audio chat turned off now – but if you enable it you will find most folks are pretty friendly. I’ve waved at people passing by, grouped with my friends to clear out a location, and I’ve wandered alone for hours.

Casual Economy: There are vendors in the world – but they appear to have limited funds (200 caps) depending on which faction they are aligned with. There is no “market” or auction house that I’m aware of. Maybe I’m looking at the wasteland through rose-colored gas mask goggles, but it seems like removing the ability to amass resources to sell really takes a lot of the violence out of hunting and gathering. So far, no one has gunned me down to take my inventory items. Still, changes are coming for the free market in Appalachia.

To be fair, I’m a casual player and I’m not duping. I’ve stopped using the hack for unlimited carrying capacity also, because that’s a part of what makes the server glitchy in the first place. Cheating is bad. Please stop doing it.

If you’re a fan of the franchise and you’ve heard from someone that everyone hates Fallout 76, I hope you’ll take them with a grain of salt. I’m loving this game, despite the glitches and the occasional D/C. The camp-building experience has been fantastic for me (although it has been through some glitches as well, as it evolves). Keep an eye out for my next post, specifically focusing on all the really cool things I (and my fellow Wanderers) have done with camps in West Virginia, 2102.