Total play time: 10hr

Many of us have played Resident Evil for 20 years now. It all started in the mansion of crazy, and now the latest title in the series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, takes place in a whole cluster of houses. This game had me cracking up from the start. You see, I am a horror fan and I will try any game in the genre. I end up falling in love with horror games no matter how hard, insane or just plain stupid they are. This game plays upon my love for Rob Zombie moves. You see, this game starts out like you are in the middle of a movie like House of 1000 Corpses, or a remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

It is the typical story of find the girl, save mankind. Except in this case, you are an actor within many stories of the game world. The first house is crazy insane, to the point your girlfriend who has been missing for 3 years, cuts off your hand in a whirlwind of crazy. Who does that? You’re just trying to save her and take her back home! I’m laughing at this atmosphere of insanity. Then, I catch myself thinking, “…Man, if she is going to act like that to me, then she should just live in this house of hellish backwater hell”. But of course I can’t just leave her. I must save her from this chaos.

The first house you meet the family, and what a family it is. In typical horror movie fashion, you end up being tied to a table and forced to eat maggots for dinner with the family. Of course I am a rude house guest and refuse to eat that mess. So now I am hunted down by “Daddy”. Okay, so add some deliverance references here and you will understand my mindset. This dude will not let up! Chasing me though the maze of puzzles and just wanting me to be apart of his “family”. Well you already know how I feel about that… so you finish the main house. The puzzles are not as hard as some games, but be warned; save those shotgun shells. They will come in handy later. The hardest part about the main house is making sure you are not caught by “Daddy”.  I will tell you this, you will end up fighting him a couple of times. He is NEVER dead, until the last battle of doom.

Mama’s House Ain’t Spotless.

Second house is the Old House. This is Mama’s house, which is dilapidated and destroyed in many parts. She is a horrible housekeeper. The puzzles again in this house are not that hard, you have to make sure you are able to hide from Mama and her crazy self. The fight with her isn’t as hard as one would have expected. I think the worst part of this house is the creepy little girl who likes to wander around talking smack to you.

The character in the next house is basically the Joker on meth. This guy is something special, and not even in a good way. From black light paint to explosive bombs (and of course we cannot forget the traps) he keeps you on your toes. You take a wrong step and you could end up losing your leg. Oh, if you lose body parts; remember to attach them back on to you. The end fight with the psycho nutcase is difficult to a point. Just remember the best way to fight him is to think about how well he can see you.

From there you get a choice on who you want to save, Zoe or Mia. Well, I decided to save Zoe, which wasn’t a bad idea at first. Then the sweet child got her way and sucked us into her ship. This part reminds me of the 2002 movie Ghost Ship. Yes, really THAT Ghost Ship.

With Evie’s haunted memories and other neat stuff, the atmosphere is haunting. From the twists and turns of a haunted house, er correction -haunted ghost ship. Then it’s time for a character change; now you get to play the person you saved. More aimless puzzles and trivial mindless travel around the ship. Once you figure out all of the puzzles, you get to find Ethan (the main character of the story). Once you find him, you get to a mini boss fight.

After that mini boss fight, you get to find the path of the salt mine. Once you follow the path of the salt mines, you end up in the Old House again. You end up with flash back memories, including the memory of a screwdriver, and of course later on the memory of your favorite chainsaw moment. After the path of horrid memories, you end up at the end. I must warn you though, it takes a few minutes for all of the other memories to pop up before you can start the boss fight.

So I’m going to be honest; the boss fight is anticlimactic. You have to block her energy blasts while you walk up to Evie. After that, behold! She turns into something else! Something strange, creepy and just plain awful. My only tip or hint that I will give you to fight the final boss is to use your SMG and use it a lot! During your fight, you will see a helicopter in the air, and soon enough they will toss you a gun to aid in your fight.

Before I share my thoughts about the game overall I have to say this: it took me roughly ten hours from start to finish.

Still, I found this game quite funny and easy to enjoy. Unlike the other Resident Evil games, I feel this one had a more serious approach. I will definitely be playing this game again, enjoying all of its difficulties and finding all of the lost items I didn’t find in the first run though. I did not give this game a five-star rating because it was too much like a movie and not enough gameplay. Maybe it lost that last star because I played the demo and expected more, or maybe it could be that I am an experienced gamer and just expect longer play out of games. I’m anxious to try the VR content and continue this review as DLC is released.

After finishing the game, there’s a little spoiler. It looks like a sneak peak to the first DLC for Resident Evil 7:Biohazard. Who is this character supposed to be? Leave a comment below with your theories!