Part one in a series of articles on the Fallout 4 mods for Xbox One

     For the first of this series I decided to focus on the mods I have been using that affect the first and, in my personal opinion, best companion in Fallout 4. The one that does not judge you on every little thing you do. Never complains about what you pick up, and doesn’t mind when you find yourself doing some of those “morally questionable” activities that are often needed in the Wasteland of the Commonwealth.

I speak, of course, of Dogmeat. The loyal, faithful,  and ever loving companion of the Soul Survivor. A constant source of amusement, action, and annoyance in equal measure. Dogmeat, who notably replaced a cyber dog called Rex in Fallout: New Vegas, has been the most consistent companion across the Fallout franchise.


     The first mod I found indispensable is called “Everyone’s Best Friend” by Valdacil. It, quite simply, returns to the standard of allowing two companions at a time; Dogmeat and one other. Why Bethesda changed this winning formula in the vanilla version of Fallout 4 I’ll never understand, but they decided to. Perhaps they had envisioned a much more potent version of Dogmeat than what ended up in the final release.

Whatever the reasons, the vanilla Dogmeat was severely lacking and was often replaced as quickly as a new companion presented itself. With this mod, you can keep Dogmeat and add another companion to your group. At a mere download size of 155.39KB it won’t eat up the oh-so-precious memory allocated to mods on the Xbox. The mod stability of this mod is exemplified by being favorited over 100,000 times and receiving a 5/5 average rating with over 9000 (insert obligatory DBZ joke here) people rating it.

Making Dogmeat Stronger

The second mod I use for my Dogmeat is Stronger DogMeat by gnomesgamr, or as I like to call it “Immortal God Dog” since that is what is on the thumbnail picture. As mentioned earlier, Dogmeat’s capability was very lackluster in the application. This mod fixes that by simply increasing the damage he is capable of doing. A very reasonable approach considering the fact that Dogmeat is a German Shepherd, a breed that has been used for a long time as both a guard and attack K9 in both civil and military circles.


Before this mod, I’ve witnessed Dogmeat struggle to fight a mole rat. After this mod was installed, he dropped a feral ghoul reaver with a single lunge for the throat. The download size is comically tiny compared to the increase in Dogmeats usefulness, only 1.11KB. With over 300 ratings averaging out to a 5/5 and over 6000 favorites it’s another near requirement for the mods list.

Now we come to a mod that does another thing Bethesda failed to do in the vanilla game, dog armor that actually provides protection. I use K-9 Harness by fadingsignal; it’s a nice mod that not only provides Dogmeat with some protection, but can also be modified to increase carrying capacity. This mod allows you to modify the armor in a variety of ways, including color, and by adding pouches and a backpack to it. A nice touch is that you can have the armor one color and the pouches/backpack another, there are also patches available for the various factions. Another available upgrade is that you are able to install ballistic weave. It can be crafted and modified at a standard Armor Workbench. All of this can be yours for the low, low download size of 16.08MB, a very worthy investment of your mod storage space. With over 3000 ratings averaging 5/5 and 60,000+ favorites, you can’t go far wrong.

dogmeat map markerThe final Dogmeat mod that I will talk about is MD – Marker Dogmeat by Govnowriter. I don’t know about you, but in my games Dogmeat tends to go on walkabout without informing me of where the winds are blowing. Also, Dogmeat seems to have great difficulty in navigating catwalks, I’m looking at you Corvega Factory, often falling who knows where. This mod adds a map marker location for Dogmeat that can be toggled on or off in the Quest menu of the Pipboy. At a download size of only 14.42KB never lose your faithful companion again, also comes with a rating of 5/5 of over 100 reviews and over 3000 favorites.

There are many, many other mods out there that do similar or even almost the same thing as the ones I’ve discussed above, and as I continue experimenting with mods I will try to use all of them at some point and discuss their merits and possible flaws. For now, all together, these four mods have greatly influenced how I play Fallout 4, Dogmeat is now a highly valued companion in all my outings and not just the first one you use until someone better comes along. Until next time, happy adventuring and remember War… War never changes.