mario-run-course-clearedAs the world celebrated the holidays, many iPhone users were ignoring family as we played Mario Run. As we ran around in the first level, we realized that we had to pay $9.99 to open the rest of the world and game. For Android users, make sure you pre-register for the Super Mario Run app because it is projected to release for you in March (maybe). Mario Run gives you the feel of Temple Run or Minion Dash, but as a side-scroller, with the familiar cast of Mario and friends. You get to play the first 4 levels for free, but if you want to continue you must pay to unlock the full game. This is a good deal, in my opinion, because with the unlock you also get coins and rally tickets to start off with.

Each level is daring and frustrating at the same time. Only leaving you wanting more and more. From there you also get to build Toad’s kingdom, which gives you extra coins, tickets or other hidden fun. Players aren’t just dashing, bashing and running around to collect the special coins in each level, however. You also get the chance to play competitively against other players and see how you stack up to them in the random run.

When you play against another player, you do not get to decide what world you want to run in. So, sometimes you end up in a crazy hard level, or a super easy one. The trick is to not get hit, “die”, or lose your colored Toads. Sounds simple, right? Ha! Think again, it isn’t always as easy as you would think.

With your collection of colored Toads, you can unlock another side to Toad’s kingdom. The first unlock gets you the playable character Yoshi. In my opinion, he isn’t that great -except when it comes to any world with spikes in it. Since he’s immune to those suckers. When you sign up for a Nintendo membership, which is free, that is where your friends will show up. If you already have one, you can link your pre-existing Nintendo membership the first time you open the app. Friends are great to have in this game, because you get gifts and it is fun to compete against them. You can also unlock Toad, who I feel is just horrible for world runs. He is cute, adorable, and pure happiness; but I cannot play him very well. Maybe you will have better luck than me.

To watch all of our Super Mario Run play videos so far, check out our brand new playlist on the Geekbotchery YouTube channel. Don’t forget to visit the App Store or Google Play Store to download the fun, and share your screenies or videos with us! It works on tablets and iPads too.