It isn’t easy to impress old-school video gamers.

It seems Nintendo is giving it a shot once again, though, with the NES Classic Mini. With all the impressive releases being talked about in 2016, they’ve gone rogue. More specifically, they’ve gone retro.



duckhunt-dog-laughingWho remembers being that kid in the 80’s and waking up Christmas morning to your parents playing Duck Hunt? I do, and I cannot express how excited I am to see my childhood all wrapped up in this mini console.

Just like that Christmas morning, we’ve all experienced the anticipation of having to wait through all the screens, the marketplaces, the menus, and the Mii Parade just to play a game. Possibly the single most exciting thing about this new system is that it is plug-and-play. No gimmicky animations or cutesy load screens with creepy digital avatars having tiny dance parties on the screen. Just plug it in, hit the POWER button (just like the old days) and pick your flavor of 8-bit retro fun.

Many of us already have a Wii or a Wii U, which granted us the ability to purchase many of the classic games we loved at a fairly reasonable price. Picking up Ghosts N Goblins or Golden Axe to school the kids on our Wii U was exciting at first – but honestly, who’s going to buy up 30 retro games at a couple bucks a pop, when there are new releases I have to save up $60 for?

That’s where this release gets exciting – the console comes with 30 games you don’t have to purchase individually.

On top of that, extra paddles are $9.99 each. Boom. Multiplayer.

From controversial Pokémon Go updates to the upcoming release of the nostalgia-inducing Nintendo NES Classic Mini, July was an exciting month. It looks like 2016 is only going to get more interesting for old-school gamers once we’ve got plug and play access to “30 of The Best Retro Games Ever”, as the Nintendo website so boldly proclaims.

This system is extremely tempting; especially if you grew up with the Nintendo NES console and it’s collection of awesome games. The NES Classic Mini is a miniature version of what we grew up with. From Donkey Kong to Zelda, we beat them all and saved that Princess in every Mario game. So, I’m already sold on this. The console (with one controller) will be $59.99 (MSRP) and will be available November 11 – just in time for holiday gifting.