We all ranted and raved over the release of the Nintendo Mini. Now Nintendo wants to release a smaller version of the Super Nintendo, which makes me question a few things.

The SNES Classic will be available (theoretically) in stores September 29, 2017. The $79.99 price tag includes the palm-sized system loaded with 21 games, and TWO 90’s style, wired, retro SNES controllers. Multiplayer functionality is definitely exciting, but I’m on the fence about whether that extra controller is a $20 upgrade.

With the Switch being the dominant platform now for Nintendo, and the Nintendo NES Classic being discontinued after only six months on the market, I still cannot help but to squee about this announcement. I am, however, worried that this platform will be hard to get like the NES Classic was. Do you remember when Nintendo released the first Wii? Remember how hard it was to get your nerdy little hands on it? Do you remember the Wii U, and how easy it was to achieve the goal of scoring one because Nintendo released so many it was easier to get?

Nintendo product releases: A Link To The Past

While finding the SNES Classic in stores will most likely be an adventure, like before, there is one silver lining – Amazon.com and others are already emailing pre-order customers with sad news. In order to prevent mass scalping of the newest Nintendo release online, the retailers are reducing orders of multiple units to just one. Sorry, capitalist jerks!


My love of all things Nintendo is no secret at this point. To be honest, I was one of those fangirls that scoured the ads and stores to find a Switch without paying the scalper price. After a month of looking, hunting, and drooling I had found one. If I’m being really honest, I only got it to play my beloved Zelda. Now let’s flashback even further; I remember the craze when the SNES came out. Even then, it was all about Zelda for me. Okay, maybe Earthworm Jim too. 

I do wish you could play the cartridge games on the SNES Classic, because let’s face it, many true Nintendo fans still have them within our gaming collection. If the SNES Classic is pre-loaded with games, how much will it cost to grab other games? Will that even be an option? Don’t get me wrong – with 21 games, including Zelda: A Link To The Past, Donkey Kong, and the previously unreleased StarFox 2, this system is going to be a serious blast from the past. But how much more can Nintendo take from our pockets? What will I have to buy next? This is not even including the Nintendo DS and all of the goodies there.

Will this latest arrival in the Nintendo family of consoles be worth it? I would have to say yes. Who wouldn’t want to add yet another system to their old school Nintendo collection?