My thoughts on the 20th edition remaster of Resident Evil….

At first, I was very much excited to see that PlayStation plus was releasing the game FREE for the month of October. So, naturally, I downloaded the game. I sat down on the couch, grabbed all of the soda my little paws could handle, then I started the game. I played this game years ago. I remember it being super hard back then, especially the zombie dogs.

resident evil remaster stairs zombie

I got super comfortable and started to remember the game. Unfortunately, I started to forget how the game worked. Let’s just say the puzzles sort of kicked my ass, however, I enjoyed every death. So, it does help to remember the game and how all of the puzzles worked. If not, you will end up finding a walkthrough like I did.

Even after the game kicked my butt a little bit, I still had the excitement. In fact, the excitement went into sheer awesome amazing unicorn time. I honestly did a flashback to 20 years ago, playing the game the first time. Sadly, I feel super old now. However, it is 100% worth it. Even more now, than ever.

resident evil remaster side by side monster

Now on to the re-master part. Even with a game that is 20 years old, you will have a tad bit of a grain filter when playing the game. However, they did a great job when it came to making it work with today’s’ technology. If you were to buy this game, I feel that it is totally worth it. If you have never played the game but watched the movies, I would highly suggest that you start with this game, game one. Then work yourself to all of the other Resident Evil games, it will be worth it.